Is what I’m doing working?

I have a goal of bringing in $3,500/month (ASAP) through my coaching. I am not currently hitting that goal and currently have zero paying clients. I’m pretty sure I’ve put a lot of good effort in my A line. But since I’m not hitting my money goals, I’d like to know if I’m doing all of this right?

Here are the things I’ve done as a coach in the past year to market myself and bring in clients:

1. Feb 2018: 30 days of Facebook lives providing value/content.

2. June 2018: Ran an online group coaching program. 3 People signed up at $300/each.

3. July 2018 – February 2019: Did 2 Facebook lives per week (Tu, Thu at 4pm) providing value (no niche, just teaching stuff I’ve learned through Brooke and self-coaching). At the end of the videos I would have a call to action telling people to send me a message if they wanted support.

4. Oct 2018: Signed a client for a 3 month/ $2,500 package. Found in a Facebook group where she had posted about struggling with weight loss.

5. Nov 2018: Offered free consults. 8 Booked, 5 showed. No one signed as a client. (Although one has come back around and is interested and trying to generate the money for a 6 month package).

6. Dec 2018 – Feb 2019: Hired marketing coaches. Chose a separate niche (not my primary or ideal one that I want to do , just one that I knew I could help people with), learned copy, set up a Facebook group for niche, ran Facebook ads to group, created a webinar with a CTA of booking a consultation, ran ads to webinar, did 10 consultations (didn’t close any of them). Shortly after I ran out of funds to spend on Facebook advertising so I stopped using that method of marketing.

7. Feb 2019: Discovered Stacey Boehman’s podcast. Love it! Started believing more, charging up my inspiration more, and working on belief models daily.

8. March 2019: Signed 1 client for 3 months at $2,500. (Met them at a retreat I attended).

9. April 2019: Signed 1 client for 6 months at $5k, offered payment plan. (Client’s dad is a friend who hired me and was paying for coaching. In June he informed me he wouldn’t be able to continue paying for it so I only did 2.5 months of coaching for $2,000).

10. Feb 2019 – current: Writing 3-4 social media posts per week w/ photos to boost algorithm attention and calls to action that usually are “private message me for a free consultation”. These posts have been more coming from the place of being inspired, being an example of the work, sharing my life and my transformation, etc… vs. “teaching”. Many of these posts receive anywhere from 30-100+ “likes”/”reactions”. A few have even received 200+.
+ Still doing Facebook lives here and there but not on a consistent schedule like before. (Videos don’t garner as much attention as posts with photos do for me.)

11. March/April 2019: Had a handful of people reaching out interested in coaching. Did several consultations. 2 signed, 3 didn’t. Felt confident in my ability to coach through some of the uncertainties, however, a few still did not sign.

12. April 2019: Shared my personal story of how I went from “stuck Stripper” to happy, healthy Life Coach with a call to action for women in the industry to private message me for consultations. It has gained a lot of positive feedback. No clients have come from it as of yet.

13: Currently have 50 people on my email list from social media. I only email them sporadically since my main focus has been sharing content on social media.

14. June 2019: Announced a 2 month coaching program for Strippers who want to get “unstuck” from dancing. No one expressed interest.

15. July 2019: Started a podcast to share value and content. At the end of every episode I have a call to action to contact me via my website to set up a consultation.

16. I meet people often and always tell them I’m a Life Coach like Stacey Boehman recommends in her podcast.

What do I need to change in order to start producing more results?