It has to be fun, or forget it…..

I’m in a place right now in which my business is struggling (I am in real estate investing space) and I basically come to hate everything about it. I have been practicing the Model for about 11 months now, so I am aware of many of the pertinent Thoughts. I’ve heard – and choose to be guided by many of Brooke’s lessons – (Commit and don’t quit, Little Quits, Circumstances are Neutral, Discomfort is normal, Negative emotions are 50%…..) but there is one that I can’t reconcile: It has to be fun, or it’s “A big, fat no.” How does that coincide with the necessity to be uncomfortable?

How can I be uncomfortable and hating what I’m doing right now (when everything has been going in the direction away from my goals for literally 2 years now) AND have fun? I’m exhausted at the end of each day by the “making myself do it” all day, every day. It’s hard to recall, but I think I used to enjoy this.