It is too easy

So this is a bit embarrassing, which is why I need the help.

I’ve been in business for years, and am on track for my best year yet.
Early on in my career, making money was super easy.
Then I went through a phase where everything got hard.
I hired teammembers and they didn’t work out… repeat,… repeat.
Other “obstacles”…
I started to believe “this was hard”
I circled around at the same yearly revenue year after year after year (between $500 K and $600 K).

Now I am on track for $1 M this year. And I am seeing a future of much more.
I’ve noticed that I have done things – not on purpose per se – more that I just did them and then voila, there were some sales processes created.
I am so much more clued in to my audience. Money is just coming in.
I realize I should be rejoicing.
I am not.

I am waiting for the other shoe to drop.
It really can’t be this easy.

But it is.

I have surrounded myself with people and resources (like Scholars, other super smart business people who I can ask questions of,), I am taking more time off and better recuperating. I’m pausing more.

And still, I am waiting for the other shoe to drop.

I am newly minted VIP in Scholars, so I get that my brain is doing its thing. And I also really get that if/when I can release the brakes on this — then holy shit – the possibilities are endless.

Here is the model.
C- Making money
T- It can’t be this easy
F – Fear (tightening around my body and belly, everything synches in and I am “watching my back”)
A – Not so much in flow. Do tasks, but not fully, just not connected with Spirit and God.
R – (I am not sure of this R)

IM (I started with A Line then moved to F and the T
C- Making Money
T 1- “I’m feeling”
T 2 -“Hi God”.
F2- Relaxed (about whatever the feeling I am feeling).
F 1- Calm
A- My actions are all infused with Spirit and God.
R- I continue to build stamina with my connection and alignment – this is what makes the whole process fulfilling, freeing enjoyable.

Thanks for your help.