It not me, it’s you!

When a client says no I don’t make it about me. I feel pretty clean in that area.

My thoughts are more about the client.

T- They aren’t confident in themselves to take this next step
T- They aren’t ready to make the commitment or investment
T- They are too scared or nervous

I think that has served me really well in the past, but I’m ready to question it.

If it’s not about me, (I’m making it all about them and their inadequacies/fears), then I’m giving them all blame for the NO and I’m not taking responsibility for my part in the consult call.

How can I take the C
C-client says no
and learn from it and make it about my improvement, my abilities to help them become more confident or have more commitment, etc?
C- Client Says no
T-T here’s areas I can improve on or
T- If I was better at _____ they would say yes
F- but that makes me feel inadequate
so it’s not the model I want to land on.

Can you help me see this differently?