It’s just more zeros

I’m listening to your entrepreneur video and loving it. I used to work as a Producer for TV commercials before my life as an Airbnb host and coach. And you always needed the same things whether you were doing a low budget commercial or a million dollar job. Actors, location, a director, music, editing, etc… you either had a budget of 40k, 400k or a million. And working on my first million dollar job it was scary but all I had to say to myself was, I don’t need anything new, I’m just spending more money on the same items, maybe shooting more days, or having more crew members, or a celebrity talent, etc. It’s just more zeros.

I never questioned making 100k as an Airbnb host, never. Two listings, 100k, of course, I’m going to make it. No doubt in my mind.

With my coaching, I’m not breaking even, Yet… But I’m making money.

Now that I’m selling the house and might stop Airbnbing in 2018 and how I’ll make the main source of my income might change I’m not questioning that I’ll make 100k. My goal is to make 250k in 2018.

The impossible goal is changing the financial model. And because I have made 100k and I got close to 200k when I was Producing my mind is like. of course you can do it, you have done it before… it’s just zeros. I just have to break it down and follow the formula.

Listen to Brooke, it’s just zeros. numbers. I have already done it.