I’ve lost control.

Hi. My wife and I are at the start of creating a life coaching business. Wondering if you see any blind spots in this model. THANKS!

My TD:
– There’s a lot to do to start a business. What’s the problem?
– It’s not a problem, but I feel unfocused. Why?
– I’m coaching and writing. My wife is just getting involved into building our marketing and content. So what?
– I feel like I’ve lost control.

C – Life Coaching Business (I took out “starting” a LC Business, because it felt loaded and I couldn’t define what “start” meant)
T – I’ve lost control.
F – Uneasy
A – Doubt what I’m doing. Get stuck with my work and not creating well (probably another thought to explore). Eat off protocol. Get distracted with social media. I’m not staying on task and focusing.
R – I’m not controlling myself.