IVF and my business

I am currently going through the IVF process and have found myself being less focused on my business as I would like. I find myself buffering more with food and social media. The hormone injections that I have been taking for the past 3 weeks, and will continue taking until at least my pregnancy is confirmed, have been very hard on my body. My emotions are variable; I am fatigued and a little moody.

I would like to be as focused on my business as I was about a month ago but am finding it difficult to focus for long periods of time and find myself getting lost in my thoughts. I find this all very frustrating as my niche is working with women that are considering, seeking, or undergoing IVF.

T: I have so much that I need to do
F: panicky
A: buffer with social media, not managing my mind (not doing TDL’s), indulging in confusion, feeling like I need to rest my body, getting frustrated that I didn’t have any new consults or clients for August.
R: Not doing anything

I see this model play out over and over in my days. I can’t seem to break this cycle. I am posting on SM 6/7 days per week and have not gotten any contacts from it. I am working with my own 1:1 coach, I am working on my belief that “this is working” and yet I still feel lost. My brain is fighting REALLY hard to convince me that this (my business) is not working and that it will not work.

Please help!