Just enrolled…digging into the entrepreneur part while waiting

Hello so I just enrolled with scholars and while I wait for April to start I decided to dig around in the entrepreneur assets. Three years ago this May I opened a drive thru coffee shop up with my uncle. He put up the money I took 3 months and learned everything I could about coffee and business to get up and running. I had no experience with either. I relied on my taste buds for the coffee end and how I did my own personal bills/budgeting for the business end. The results blew. our. minds. It is doing a quarter million a year and climbing. With no debt. The town it is in is tiny and in a rural area but right next to a primary school. I have 3 babies. oldest 12 youngest 7. Due to my own health which is good but does horrid after babies decided to take steps to have no more. It also pushed me and my DH (dear husband) into really thinking what we wanted for our future. He was born with amniotic band syndrome. So his non dominate hand ends at the elbow. He is a logger by trade and is flat out impressive. But his dominate hand does have the life of someone double his age. We needed to figure out what we could do that could maybe incorporate him as well. I wanted out of the partnership that was 50/50 so I could expand on what I had created without any extra back ground noise. Or to go back to school. I bought out my uncle in January. Our goal; 10 years husband out of the woods and roasting for our 5 new coffee shops. Now I have a heavy debt on this profitable coffee shop and I’m looking for ways to be more efficient. Due to it being in such a small town I have pulled all the traffic out of the town that I am able on a day to day basis. Summer time is our busiest season. I feel like I could drown here if I’m not careful which is why I joined scholars. Question is this I have a few options of things to work on NOW and am freezing on which one to do first.
1. bookkeeping. I hire this out but it is a huge expense and when we have 6 shops I would like to be the one doing it all.
should I take online bookkeeping classes and take these on this year.
2. I work 3-4 6hour shifts in the shop per week. Should I get rid of one employee ( have 4) and take her spot until debt is paid off
3. Work on getting a machine (ice cream) in there by summer for our fraps. Since our blended coffee fraps are our best seller we have lines of cars waiting on blenders to get done there drinks. I bought one off craigslist and it is very old but even with its age I can tell a newer one would take us where we wanted to be with this. So do I go look for one of these?
Thanks any in put is much appreciated!