Just me becoming Life Coach to address Systemic racism at its Causal Level

To help the people who are in actual need of help. I copied excerpts from the published news. The City authorities are ready to oppose the organisation that serves the people. The people in need of help are most times unable to understand the true nature of the problem. One would assume that the organisation would have personnel who are better able in order to navigate the system and come out with good answers to meet the need of the individuals that they serve. It is obvious that the organisation needs a Life Coach School Certified Coach to intervene to help them.

It seems to me that We could also hold the BNA responsible for a good relationship with this agency. This is from the premise that we invite BNA to want to serve the entire community from a place of Love and Service. In so doing BNA would give the agency an opportunity to become a peaceable member of the neighbourhood for the good of the ones they serve and represent.

C Line “This is an organization that has not partnered with the neighborhood for the last decade,” Ray said.
T Line “They simply have not been a neighborhood partner that we feel we can trust,” Michniewicz said. “They should be judged by the relationship with the community there, and for the past 20 years they have had a seat on the BNA board and that relationship has not been respectful.”
F Line Fear distrust disrespected
A Line “President Sarah Michniewicz said Preble Street has a seat on the association’s board but has long ignored the neighborhood’s concerns. She fears those problems will worsen if the agency opens an overnight shelter.”
R Line “They have had an adversarial relationship with the neighborhood at best.”