Just My T line – Relax!!!

I am pursuing to become a keynote speaker.
Then I will be able to relax to afford my monthly subscription to SCS.
Yes, I sure hope that I would earn the 18,000.00 for enrollment into Life Coach School this September 2020.

This is not one of the Year of Doing The Impossible.
Because I really do want this all things are possible with God to bring immediate fruition.
I did not want to enroll when I do not see all of the 18,000.00 because falling flat on my face is going to be a permanent end.

Our life story values more than the estate that our mother left for us.
This is not far fetched idea for me to expect good results just only because I venture out.

Ask A Coach Business Question

Please help this blade of grass to grow into tall oak tree strong sturdy Life Coach School Certified Lifetime access to all of the material.

I have a very lovely voice that people do tell me how much they do appreciate. I do have some Journalism education when my USA professor gave me D for one course 1982. I went to him asking him “you gave me an A student D on my transcript?” He replied “yes, your creative writing stinks. I am a hard nosed journalist. I asked him “why did you not tell me that I was going at it the wrong way?” He replied ” I knew that you would make good if I told you but you just go ahead I just did you a big favor and that you will always thank me for doing that.”

Yes, over the years I continually thanked this Journalism professor for giving me that D. That experience has been one of my most single SUPER POWER for just about every important move in my life. I revisited the encounter for every aspect of my life. I revisit today. There is a lot of story packed into that one encounter. I could earn a lot to unpack that favor. And sure hope that I would earn some in time to enroll for up coming LCS Certification. All the ones who pray please pray me through.

Ask A Coach please coach me into this Applied Coaching venture.
I have an amazing accent. I have a beautiful voice with very important things to say to bless humanity.
How do I continue to build myself into the amazing wise hero that I can call on to bless and sustain me pouring out bounties upon humanity in contemporary society to break systemic racism. And take my word the complexion of the skin has nothing to do with the problem. The human race is broken and cannot wait for me to get in there to show them how it is done. How life is lived well.

Once year 1989 the man asked me “how come you are so talented and that you are not lifting doors off the hinges in order to get in there and take your charge?” I deftly replied that “doors are closed for a reason.” He bowed admitting “that too is a valid answer.” The news is out folks. God has placed before me an open door that no man can shut. The door stands ajar for me. It is all about how I show up.

Yes, I showed up in the past ways that I know did not work. I am not my past. Ignorance is not an eternal state. All of my life is my toolbox.

Here I come full of bounties to bestow.

A -line: I called my brother for one of his contacts. I sent online contact reaching out to the individual. I do not expect him to remember me. He could remember. I was distinct enough as a girl so that he could personally remember me. Learning SCS and other material. Continuing to build co-op. Moving to divide my assets.
I want my husband to give me my share now. I am going to give one share to specific individuals (groups of individuals). For example, I will give one share to family on mother’s side. I am going to give my sister and her children for them to manage the one share on behalf of Maternal side. Will do likewise give one share on paternal side to my brother and his children to manage. etc etc. I am going to stand my grounds with regards to the estate of my mother. I do have an extensive tool box to move forward as a Keynote Speaker. And yes, I did some public speaking in the past. There is always that one first step. So I am just going to go ahead and show them how it is done. C-line: I was trained to be a model = Groomed to be a Franciscan nun.

OK Ask A Coach your turn. Thank you for all that you do.

Actually my R-line is US$100,000,000 what am I going to do with all that money? Domestic Tranquility Seminary Sans Borders =Demonstrating Healthy Answers to Life’s Troubling Questions CCRC Sans Borders, Housing co-op for employed homeless, workers cooperative, Daily life 24/7; workstations, rest and recover homes. Treat unemployment and homelessness as a health condition. Address systemic racism as a brain injury and health condition. I am going to take my turn to make the world a better place because I can. Just value people with dignity honor and respect.
F-line: Relaxed
R- line: the architect sits at his draft board to design the complete edifice before one shovel goes into the ground. Architect presents the entire plan to zoning board for its approval. YES YES YES I can know right now what the R is going to be. If I do not know then there can be no R. I get to know R right now. I must know R right now if there ever will be R. I enter into reality of R and sail on from shore. I am wading in the deep because there are stepping stones in the water. still F line relaxed.