Katy’s two-fold business plan

hi Brooke, I am planning to start my own business this year. (My “impossible goal” for 2018!) The knowledge and skills I am learning in scholars are helping me so much. Self doubt and negativity are much less of an issue for me now. Now I am working on organization, scheduling, follow through, focus.
Here’s my (two-fold) plan: (1) I’ll be taking a course and get certification to become an in-home elder care giver within the next 2 months. Big need for this where I live, feels like a natural fit for me, pays a reasonable wage, gets me back into working and learning after being at home mom/wife for past 30 years, gets some supplemental income coming in when my husband retires later this year, and my hope is that it will also develop potential niche for when I (2) start a life coaching business later in a year or so. I have an application in for this years LCS training programs, and if I don’t get a spot this year I’ll apply again next year.
The life coaching tools we learn and apply in Scholars feel so appropriate and applicable- both for me in an in-home caregiving role, with eldercare and hospice patients, and then later as a life coach to clients who are dealing with processing difficult/terminal diagnoses, allowing feelings, communicating needs/desires/thoughts/feelings to family/caregivers, finding meaning in their new/changing circumstances, living their best life all the way through.
I have been reading all I can about starting and running a small business, and I am loving the info you provide on your podcast series “how to be a life coach.” I have some questions, considering that I will be first doing eldercare and then later developing the life coach practice. The eldercare work is all local, in person, in home care, and I will be using local sources available for finding clients, so the website, marketing and more professional business structure needed for the life coaching work can come later. But I am thinking that I should go ahead and set up the business checking account so I can separate business expenses, and income when it starts, from personal accounts. Is there anything else I could/should be doing ahead? Getting a domain name? I have been thinking that it makes sense to just use my name as my business identity since the business will cover both caregiving and coaching- at least, it has felt awkward trying to come up with a business name that would appropriately represent both aspects. However my name is one that I invariably have to spell for people, both first and last, and that seems likely to be a problem if it is my website name. Brooke, when you say “remember to type the “the” in thelifecoachschool.com” it always sounds kind of endearing to me, but katybreazeal.com – I don’t know. Your thoughts?
Thanks so much, Brooke! Katy