Keep getting stuck on science

Hi Brooke,

I am currently creating a weight loss program for women with PCOS and insulin resistance who have struggled with their weight and body image.

As I create the program, this desire to explain PCOS biologically- or somewhat biologically keeps coming up. And also a fear of people asking me this and me not knowing. I understand insulin and the role it plays on weight and how to reduce it…since I’ve been doing your program and having success! Adding fasting to my protocol has made a massive difference! And of course, all of the thought work!

Studies show that 70% of women with PCOS have insulin resistance. I also know that having insulin resistance causes weight loss to be much slower, which I am experiencing. So I want to create a program to support these women in a program specifically for PCOS and IR. I think it will be really great for them to feel supported by someone who understands the struggle. Everytime I would do a general weight loss program with women who didn’t have IR, I would get so frustrated seeing my peers losing rapidly while I just maintained doing the same or even more than them.

So I am super excited about helping these women…but do you have any advice on my frustration about the scientific part of PCOS….am I just using this against myself? Or do you think it would be beneficial to learn? My brain hurts!

Thank you so much!