Keep repeating the unintentional model- I feel “stuck” in business. Send help!

Unintentional Model
C- made zero offers today
T- what’s the point? All twenty offers said no yesterday – and the day before. This feels like a waste of time.
F- defeated.
A- inaction. Buffering.
R- business doesn’t grow.

Intentional Model (but still lacks belief)
C- made an offer
T- maybe some will say yes if I just keep going.
F- optimistic but still skeptical.
A- make offers.
R- possible new clients ?

Do you recommend I take action instead of trying to improve my thoughts and beliefs? I keep going back to thoughts like:

  1. This hasn’t worked so far. Why waste more time?
  2. Maybe I just don’t have time to build my business in this season of my life.
  3. It takes a lot of time and effort to make over 6 figures. Maybe it’s just not possible with 4 young kids and a full time job.
  4. I should just be ok being average. Why do I HAVE to be in the top 1% of the company? It’s not better there than here.

See how good my brain is at keeping me safe and comfortable? Ugh. And my R line keeps delivering evidence. I feel “stuck” (I hate that word). I don’t want to feel stuck. It almost feels like it isn’t a choice, although I know logically that’s a lie.

Is my best option to suck it up and just take massive action? Or can you help me come up with thoughts and feelings I need to make a minimum of 6 figures in my coaching business ? I keep doubting it’s possible while working full time and being a momma to 4 kids. I’d love to hear any and all thoughts and feelings I need to implement.

Thank you.