I know my niche market?

Ten years ago my youngest two children, ages 8 & 10, died in a car accident. The first 3 years were horrific! For the past 6 years it has been VERY clear to me that I’m supposed to do something to help women who have suffered loss and I’ve been searching for what that is. About a year ago I discovered life coaching and I felt like I had discovered how I was going to help. My objective is to help women who have lost children to move toward a life of joy and purpose. Does this fit into your categories of health, wealth and relationships? In many ways, it fits into all three. I do believe that with any target market I would attract women who have experienced this loss because that’s just what happens when you’ve had this experience. (And I do have overwhelm/confusion about how to effectively work with people who have suffered such a tragedy. I’m working on my brain. 🙂 ) I would love your feedback on my target market.