Landing Page Questions, esp for Opt-in Freebie

Hi Brooke,
I’m developing the marketing materials for Round 2 of advertising for my coaching aimed at men wit anger issues. As per my last email (thanks for the encouragement!) I’m specifically targeting me facing sanction at work, in the form of being put on a Performance Improvement Plan.
My marketing funnel is as per your advice, consisting of FB ad -> Landing Page for opt-in freebie -> deliver freebie -> email sequence offering mini-session -> sell coaching program in the mini-session

I have 2 questions related to landing pages. My understanding is that in general, longer landing pages tend to work better than short ones.
1) Have you seen better results with longer vs shorter landing pages for the opt-in freebie, which will be reached from the FB ad. it is possible to ‘try to hard’ by having too long of a landing page just to get their email address? Is a short simple page better?

2) Since the intent is to sell the coaching program via the mini-session, is it necessary/helpful to have a landing page for the program? I guess I need a page with a Buy Now button as a way to get paid, and I would email a link to this page after the mini-session during which the customer said they wanted to go ahead. Should this LP be short and simple, or is there benefit to it being a full-on sales page?