Launch Panic

I’m struggling to overcome my thoughts of worry and doubt about my upcoming Course Launch in January. This is my third launch, and I feel more prepared than ever, and I’m doing more than I’ve ever done before to make this the best launch I’ve ever had. But the closer I get to my launch, the more I start to doubt all the work I’ve been doing. What if it’s not enough? What if I’m still not doing the right things? What if I’ve just spent all this time, money and effort toward a launch that just flops again? I feel like I’ve never wanted a launch to go so well as I do this one, because I’ve made the success of it it mean so much.
— my savings would be replenished (we are currently living On savings)
— I’ll have confidence in my future plans
— I won’t have to get a secondary job
— we can begin to pay down debts
— it’ll prove I have what it takes

I sort of know all these thoughts aren’t helping me. It’s a lot of pressure. Intellectually I want to be able to show up big and all in during my launch, and now I’m terrified my thoughts are going to sabotage my launch event with their sneakiness and affect how I show up and thus be the cause of my failed launch!

I’ve tried to create a model for my desired result and I’m just struggling hard with this. I don’t know what thought I need to generate my result. My brain is just freaking out.

C- I’m launching my Program in January
F- determined and excited
A- I show up 100% during my launch and give it all I’ve got to bring in 100 new students
R- 100 students inside my program

The good news I guess though is I’m still going forward. These thoughts aren’t stopping me currently from showing up and doing my work. I’m just worried they will drain me from showing up authenticity during the actual launch. Would love some advice on tackling this ahead of time.