Launched my business

Hello, I just launched my business today. I have a Facebook page, website etc. while working on building those I really had to narrow down my ideal client and their pain points. I feel like I have done this and shared somewhat personal info on my about page in order to relate that I have gone through what they have on my website.

BUT I know my family will not like it. I know that reading what I wrote will make them feel horrible and so I am scared. Why I think this is because I am launching an intercultural coaching business, one of my motivations is because my family shamed, and didn’t accept my own intercultural marriage. We do not have a good relationship because of this. I try to tread lightly. I wish I had a coach who knew what that was like and I want to be there for all the women who are breaking the belief that you have to date, marry in your culture or your relationship won’t be successful.

I am just scared for what they will say to me when they see this part of my website and learn more about my business as I believe this is a huge issue that needs to be recognized. I am committed to this, despite my families feelings, as I did and will write blogs and publish content that targets my ideal client. Just don’t know how to work through this fear.