LCS Certification and another Mastermind

I signed up for LCS certification back in August and have made two payments of $4k AUD so far. Certification starts this week and have another 4 payments to go $16k AUD but I fully believe by the time I finish certification I will have made my investment back.

Since going ALL in on my business I have signed 7 new clients – one paid in full, the others on payment plan.

My figures – August $2,234, 22/09 $4,333.
$6567 in total.

I also have my eye on a Mastermind starting in November and today I received the early application. My brain has gone into a tizzy.

Since I first had my eye on the MM, my financial situation has changed. I just found out I have a tax bill of $8k and a child support bill of $6k – total of $14k.

I’ve done a thought download – because my husband asked “Why do you want to do her MM when you are already being coached by LCS”.

To be consistently making money.
Getting coached will help me work towards my goals faster (another thought – But will it?).
To be coached at a high level.
I’m already getting coaching from LCS.

C: MM application
T: I can do both
F: Anxious
A: Go through finances, do thought models.
R: Going around in circles

This is where it gets interesting. This thought triggers more thoughts

I have other bills to pay, You haven’t made back your investment for LCS yet, Still have $16k to go on LCS, Your financial situation has changed, Now you have $14k of other finances to get sorted, It costs $13k.

C: MM application
T: Still have $16k to go on LCS
F: Irresponsible
A: Don’t apply

C: MM application
T: I will be getting high level coaching from LCS as well
F: Greedy.
A: Don’t do it.

So now I’m stuck in a spin. I have reasons for and against.