Leadership + Bridge Thoughts = Revenue!

Hi Coach!

I just started working for a nonprofit that provides social work services to my community. I work in a retail environment as an associate, but have merchandizing and leadership experience. After doing some research, it turns out that our program costs the organization about $100,000 per year.

When I ask for more tasks in order to improve revenue, I am usually told “no” or to go on a break. My coworkers have mentioned things like “our goal isn’t to make money”, “were a social enterprise, our profit doesn’t matter”, “you do too much, please just watch the register” etc..

my models are:

C: negative revenue
T: coworkers are lazy
F: angry
A: quiet, dismissive
R: poor relationships with coworkers

C: Little autonomy
T: If I were leading, we could make way more money
F: discouraged
A: avoid hard conversations with teammates
R: complain to friends and family … some tired ears i’m sure!

What are some examples of bridge thoughts to improve revenue and get along better with coworkers? How can I change the culture?