Leading my company during coronavirus


I am the CEO of a small business and during this time of coronavirus, I’m feeling fear. Here is the model work that I did today. If I’m understanding the model correctly, it’s normal that I’ll swivel back and forth between the IM and the UM, but the goal is to just keep reorienting myself towards the IM and taking action, yes?

I want to be a wise and inspiring leader and I hope that the IM will help me lead well during these uncertain times.

C: Reading about the spread of coronavirus
T: My business will fail, society will break-down
F: Fear
A: Incessantly read the news, talk to my husband about it, buffer with more news
R: My focus is taken off of the good things that I’m working on and reduced to fear and no action.

C: Reading about the spread of coronavirus
T: It’s my job to prepare for coronavirus affecting our business
F: purposeful
A: Get ready – write a plan for the different scenarios and how as a business we will respond. Share with management team, assign responsibilities.
R: We are ready, we know what we’re doing, we all feel prepared.