Learning from abundance

In your most recent Friday Coach Like, you said if you don’t really love your clients and you don’t believe in your offer, change something until you do. This really resonated and my immediate thought is something along the lines that I’m a piece of shit.

I don’t yet have my own business but I am thinking about my job and how I can show up in my job as if my job was my business (not the business was my business). So, my first thought because I don’t believe in my skills and abilities and my offer, then I think that I should learn more so I can have better skills so I can believe in my skills and abilities. I know that the thoughts that are creating shame and guilt and self-loathing do not lead me to learn anything at all.

So, I guess my questions are, how do I let go of the past and how I had been sucking? And how do I learn from abundance? It seems counterintuitive, but then the best things always seem to be.

I suppose it might look something like this

C: my job
T: I am going to help our clients grow their businesses online
F: determined, inspired
A: learn
R: I am able to help our clients grow their businesses online

My current model is
C: my job, skills, etc
T: I suck at this
F: shame
A: beat myself up, don’t learn, hide, avoid, think I should be learning things, try to learn things so I can be worthy and “good” (which is exhausting)
R: I do actually suck

So, like, if I do actually suck because it’s in my result line, how do I let that go? It seems like it’s just true.

I just read what I wrote and I was thinking that I can’t believe in my skills and my offer already. It has to come first.

C: my skills and abilities as they are today
T: I know things about design and digital marketing and I can help people
F: surprised
A: appreciate my abilities? make offers?
R: I help people with design and marketing