Learning from last month

Last month in September, my predominant thought was “I am doing well” “ It’s all so fine” “ It’s going in the right direction” — and I am blaming myself and thinking that maybe I was too positive or complacent. Is there a way to reach my goals and take massive consistent action without fear-based scarcity thinking?

If so, I am trying to understand why I didn’t take much action and reach my goal? I created 1 clients when my goal was 4. I feel my result reflects the lukewarm actions I took and commitment I had.

My client sessions and a lot of other time I spent in learning, passively consuming, resting, doing chores and kind of unplanned… withering away time.

My other predominant thoughts were also – I have too much to do/ I have so much to learn / I have so much thought work to do/ I have this or that to watch.

Please help coach me as I want to finish off my year strong.