Learning Marketing Funnels

I’m working past overwhelm of high volume, referral business that I have a goal to grow from $2m revenue to $4m June to June. I target agents right now who refer their clients to me. We conduct anywhere from 70-100 inspections per week and any “return” business comes from an agent getting a new client. I’m working on creating marketing funnels with a free offer. I track how many new-to-me agents have clients who book every week and attempt to get info on where they came from (I can get an answer about 50% of the time). I’m getting lost on how much I need to know about which of my marketing efforts they said yes to (sometimes it’s more than one) or to just keep making offers and start working on finding some no’s.

I’m in a hurry to do it right and build “the right” funnel and tracking method, which is a red flag. My mind is easily overwhelmed by my thoughts like: I keep trying to build a funnel but don’t know what I’m doing or I can’t find the right numbers to learn from, my business is different so this won’t work, I’ve researched a lot of funnels and still don’t know how to make one, etc. All of these thoughts cause me to feel stress and the thought “I just need to get my head right” also makes me feel stressed.