I’m writing a graphic novel about my experience with my thoughts and my emotions. I wonder if I’m legitimate writing this graphic novel because I’m not a coach. The thing is, I don’t want to become a coach and have a coaching practice, I’m an illustrator and I want to write graphic novels about mental health. I’m asking myself over and over if I should do the certification. But would not it be an action to “solve” my legitimacy thinking problem?

C Graphic novel project
T I’m not legitimate
F resistance
A I write a complicated story, I beat around the bush about the concepts presented in the book, I don’t explain simply, I don’t work at it efficiently, I ruminate, I don’t work at it and buffer with other commissions
R I don’t create the book I want and don’t become the self confident author I want.

C Graphic novel project
T I am my own coach
F legitimate
A write my graphic novel, tell my experience, work at the project efficiently
R I create the book I want.