Letting things slip through the cracks/productivity

I did some models on productivity, committing to a result for a specific time block I set for myself, because I’m working on not constantly extending my time blocks for how long things take me throughout the day. I want to be able to set a time block, focus, get it done, rather than spinning and extending.

C: My schedule/productivity
T: I can’t let anything fall through the cracks.
F: Panicked

A: Rush around trying to anticipate what might POTENTIALLY fall through the cracks
A: Decrease my productivity by worrying about my productivity level constantly
A: Not allow my mind to slow down and focus
A: Frantically do to-do downloads/be sure to write down ALL thoughts that are things I need to do/remember, etc
A: Jam as much as possible into my week to “maximize productivity”
A: Hurry through all time blocks I set for myself for the day in an attempt to “beat my time” and “shave off enough time off of it to save up” to fit ONE MORE THING in at the end of the day
A: Don’t focus and commit to finishing the result in the time block I set, just rely on my current default strategy of rushing as fast as possible to beat my time and hopefully I get it done on time
A: Think about beating my time, rather than focusing on achieving the result I set to create during that time block

R: Things fall through the cracks (because I’m rushing and not focusing).

What defines something as having fallen through the cracks?
Trying to come up with things, not coming up with many. Mostly a vague perception of things “I haven’t done yet” – because frankly if I’m being completely honest from the outside looking in, I’m extremely organized and never forget anything. Except that’s not how I feel.

Some options for things that could be determined as having fallen through the cracks:
1. I had to add in a time block throughout the week to get something done last minute, a.k.a. I “forgot” to plan for it during MH1
2. An external source/person reminded me or triggered me to do something more than one time – like if I procrastinated on something then caught it “the next time around” during my MH1/FHD times.
3. Find myself writing down an idea that comes up more than once like several weeks apart that I wrote down like several weeks ago but still haven’t done it (usually never urgent stuff – just stuff that pretends to be urgent)

What I am also not accounting for in my “things falling through the cracks” is the opportunity cost of missing the productivity I COULD be getting from slowing down, focusing, and creating really awesome things. In other words, I think I am missing out on a lot of success by rushing around.

Would love some guidance on this. Thanks coaches!