Limiting Beliefs around being able to support myself off my coaching business alone. (not sure if this is general or business?)

In 2018 after a couple of years in being stuck in a dead end job, I took the leap and went out on my own to train as a coach and start my own business. At that point I was starting from scratch. I had a small amount of money to support myself at this time and after almost 12 months I wasn’t able to pay rent, had to borrow money to live, was very depressed and struggling with anxiety and had lots of relationship troubles stemming from this difficult time I was having. I went back into the corporate world into a salaried position and never looked back. I found my niche toward the end of this 12 month period and I am truly obsessed with it and have managed to gain a great following on Instagram and even booked a few clients from Instagram engagement for my one on one coaching program. (FYI- my niche is ‘the Turning 30 Coach’ helping women who feel lost when they turn 30 take back control in their lives to set new goals).

Fast-forward 15 months later, I am in a low-paid job that has reasonably good prospects (I just got promoted to manager level) and I really love the people and being in the office with colleagues. I am a lot happier now than I was when I left working as a coach. However, I am still being so pulled back to my coaching and I am really obsessed with my niche at the moment. I can’t stop thinking about how I can help people and realistically, all I would need is two clients a month in my turning 30 coaching program (around 24 per year) in order to break even plus a bit more compared to my current salary. This isn’t accounting for any investments or expenses to my business.

But here is the thing. I have A LOT of trauma and limiting beliefs around going back to my coaching full-time. I have been focusing a lot on the thought that all of the coaches I know who have made it have a nice lump sum of money behind them (from their partners/parents) so that if they fail, they won’t be in a bad position. I don’t have any money behind me and live month to month on my low salary, and to make it worse- my partner also isn’t earning right now because of Covid so I feel even more pressure to be the one to pay the rent and bills.

I truly believe that my business has an amazing potential and that by working on it as a side-project I am holding myself back in all areas: I am under-performing in my salaried job and I am also not providing value in my business.

I currently don’t have any active clients but I have been engaging with a lot of people via my Instagram.

Ideally I want to leave my job in the next six months to do my coaching full-time.

This is my current model:

C: I’m a coach
T: You have to be rich and have a lot of money in the bank/another source of income to successfully work as a coach
F: Despair
A: Not ‘going for it’ with my coaching business
R: No clients

I really want to move past this belief but I can’t stop focusing on it.

My new model will look like this:

C: I’m a coach
T: It is TOTALLY possible to build a successful business, no matter how much money you have in the bank
F: Motivated
A: Go all in on the business (including investing money in it)
R: A thriving business and CLIENTS

How can I bridge the gap between these two models?!