Limiting beliefs? What do I need to believe for success?

Doing my thought work, I notice the thought, I’m not important. I’m not enough. I have evidence to back this up. I am trying to build my coaching business/ online course. No one has bought the course. I’ve advertised it (spent $4,000 on ads, it grew my email list by 1000 but no one purchased)

I want to offer one on one coaching but the thought that comes up for me is, no one will want that either. No one wants what I have to offer and no one wants to work with me.

I want to help people, and I know I can but I haven’t found out how to communicate that to people and I’m afraid I’m wasting time/ money and resources “experimenting” with this and indulging money into my business that hasn’t made anything only taken. Feeling selfish.
I recently put together a free 5 day weight loss challenge to offer to my list to get them to know/like/trust me. I gave ahead of time tremendous value and at the end I let them know how to work with me. No one bought the course and I lost 40 subscribers.