Limiting Business Belief

I finally discovered a belief I have that has been holding me back in my business. Summed up the belief is: “in order to earn money and be successful in business, it requires years of hustling, struggling, and figuring it out.” This belief has become a problem for me because it is causing me to self sabotage my own success in my business. Because of joining scholars in September I was able to get myself into the mindset and living the model of what it would be like to be a six figure business owner and within a week I grew my business from less than 1K to 5K in revenue. Then my brain gave me all these: “it was too quick”, “I’m too young”, and “I didn’t struggle enough.”

The model I did for this looks like:
C: My business revenue grew to 5K from 1K within 1 week
T: When starting a business you are supposed to struggle/hustle in order to earn the right to succeed and make money
F: Guilt
A: Avoid working/buffering, creating negative thought loops
R: I can see how this current model is going to lead to me losing the progress I gained in my business and lose work

I can see how this belief is just creating unnecessary struggle and I am putting a wall between myself and the 50% positive emotion I could be feeling. I can tell that part of my problem is that I am judging this model and thinking that it shouldn’t exist. I think I am starting to make progress towards accepting that it is there. Help please. I am really struggling with this one.