Limiting self-identity

I think I’ve been worried about “getting clients” and not making money in my business for so long that I’m self sabotaging to keep this identity. Cuz if I wasn’t being this version of me, who would I be? Someone confident and “good” at selling and that’s foreign…

To give you an example: I check my work communication often throughout the day. Social media, email, text… and in all of my down time I focus on serving, creating content, selling strategies… but when presented with the opportunity I’m almost “bothered” as in there’s resistance to the circumstance and I’m in massive doubt and disbelief that I can handle it, or want to, which is bazaar cuz of course I wanna help someone and make money…

C: sales inquiry
T: I don’t wanna get into this right now
F: bothered
A: not reply – wait until the following day to respond
R: spend time doubting the transaction, put off a potential sale for a day

Other thoughts:
I don’t feel like working
This is gonna be hard
She’s not gonna buy
I don’t wanna sell
I don’t wanna play this game
This is too much
I don’t wanna be disappointed

Intentional model
C: sales inquiry
New thoughts:
Yay, an opportunity for me to help someone
This could be fun
I choose to spend my time doing this work
What a wonderful use of time to connect with someone wanting my help
The universe has brought us together
Divine intervention wants us to connect right now
I don’t have to make this complicated
I don’t need a script
I get to listen, ask questions, give value, and offer my coaching if that feels right

All of those new thoughts feel true. But they’re so foreign I’m resisting them. I know a belief is just a thought you think over and over. So is that what I’m missing? I just need to every day deliberately remind myself of these new thoughts so that when an inquiry comes I even though I may resist it with my old belief system my new one overrides?

I think it’s so odd that I want sales and to make money and for my biz to succeed and for me to help people, but when presented with an opportunity for this I’m shutting down as if this person is inconveniencing me and that “this moment right now that I’m checking/seeing this isn’t a good one for this interaction”