LLC, Business Models, etc… to get ready for launching Coaching Business – EAH

I will be starting the Coach Certification program starting in September and am SO excited! I am a physician who works in a classic academic medicine program. I do clinical, research, teach and and have a busy Directorship position. My “thoughts” HAD been that my Director position has become mostly managerial and is an “ANCHOR” preventing me from moving on with my dreams. I had more negative feelings about it in the past which I have worked through and now I believe it is more a thought that it is time for transition and for that “season’ to come to an end. I think my feeling may be “impatient”. I have mentored many people over the years and really enjoy it. I regularly get feedback from people who meet with me about how grateful they are for my time and how they are “now so inspired, energized, ready to focus, etc…” I personally have benefited SO much from the Life Coaching I have received from Katrina Ubell and from Brooke’s podcast and from starting Self Coaching Scholars several months ago. I am now very passionate about starting a Life Coaching practice and my goal is to replace the income from my Director Admin position with income from a Life Coaching practice.

I realize that I am spending a lot of mental energy and am not just inpatient, but also anxious and perhaps overwhelmed, with trying to figure out the timing, strategy, practical details, etc… of being able to “quickly ramp up” to a six figure practice to replace the income from my Directorship. I think of the Eckhart Tolle quote “Worry only pretends to be important” and the idea that “Overwhelm is an indulgent emotion”. I would like this mental energy to be productive. I want to be doing whatever is necessary to set my self up for success to be able to hit the ground running with building up a Coaching practice while waiting for my September cohort to begin and while I am in Coach Training. I also suspect I: 1) need to work on my thoughts, 2) am trying to “action my way out of these feelings” – and 3) am coming from a place of scarcity (about the salary sources and will I ever have enough clients to replace my salary) rather than abundance.

I am looking for advice on concrete work I can be doing in prep for starting a business (never been self employed) and saying yes as soon as someone is ready for me to be their Coach. For example, I believe I need to set up a LLC… does the title for the LLC matter? Does it need to reflect the name I will end up using for my Coaching practice? Is there a place I can read about different charging/business models? I have heard about one on one coaching vs group coaching vs retreats. Is there a place to ready about or a Facebook group to ask about different business models? I apologize for so many questions… trying to figure out how this works and if there are any resources that I could go self educate myself or if THIS is where I should come to ask these types of questions. Thanks SO much!