Long-term recurring project planning + actually focusing on what will earn the income.

I did a model which showed me that to be making my goal of $10k / month from my starting point of $1500-3k per month (due to seasonality – I make $ from ads on my blog), that I need to focus on the thing that brings in views: SEO optimized content.

This is my first week in the program, and I’m writing out my work in my calendar using the monday model, and there’s really no time to be making new content. I do have VAs that help, and actually already have ~40 blog posts VAs have written, but I haven’t posted because they need to be SEO optimized for content. I find my days are filled up with other things: having to fix code on my site that SEO consultant said was holding back the SEO quality of the site, teaching VA how to do my social media scheduling (in hopes I can offload this task completely in the future).

So I have two questions:

1. Am I going about this all wrong because I’m just not “getting to” the work of getting those 80% done posts up? To finish them I have to find images, SEO optimize them, put them in a template, send to VA to upload. I am having major resistance about it. Yes I have to get the content up, but promoting on social and making videos to compliment the content also takes time, and seems to have a value, but really does not get me the bottom line of the articles being generated in scale because they make me $$.

2. How do I use the monday model to schedule out long-term things? Do I put in my calendar the first week of the month I do X, the second week each month Y, the third Z, etc.? So then I really have major time blocks for the main steps of the posts? I have a couple different types of posts. Some are content, how to articles, roundup articles with quotes from contributors, they are different pieces, and I have broken up that I could attack each type of content each week and then be a month ahead but I’m facing major resistance.