Looking for a strong thought to create a result. Better to connect it to the A line or the R ?

I want to achieve a 100k goal this year and I am looking a strong T that I can hang on to. I wonder if it helps better to find a thought connected to the A line, or the R line.

C. my 100k goal for 2020
F. courageous
A. write many projects, send it to be read, collaborate on other projets, respect my monday hour one program, etc.
R. 100k

I am wondering about the T line, is it more helpful to put my mind focusing on thoughts about the result (money), like “I am totally able to make 100k this year”, “money is amazing”, “I totally deserve 100k for the job I do”, etc.

Or should I focus on thoughts connected to the A line, like “I work on amazing different projets”, “I follow my monday hour one and get the results I want”, “I am able to created everything I want and sell it”, etc.

Do you have an insight about that ?