Looking for How to Become a Life Coach series podcast.

In Entrepreneurship/Scholars, video call, Sept 4th, Brooke mentions a How to Become A Life Coach series on iTunes that is a great resource. Would you please let me know if this series still exists? The description I found online is below:

Master Coach Brooke Castillo from The Life Coach School Podcast reveals her 14-step program for Life Coaches to build their online practices. If you are a life coach trying to build your practice, discover how you can create a business from building a website, to creating an opt-in, to autoresponders, newsletters, automation, marketing, picking a niche or target market, setting up an Aweber account, Facebook, Twitter, writing a book, online courses, group coaching, passive income, getting it all done and still having time to enjoy your life. This podcast is about learning the business side of becoming a life coach.