Loosing confidence

I had a series of low income months, low activity on my part, and procrastination on paperwork on deals that already closed.

I’m swimming in a shame pool in a circle. I’ve spent time over the past 4 days feeling my feelings. I’ll start to resist, and then I’ll drop back in. I’ve done better with not buffering and processing the emotions, but as soon as I sit down to work or I think about cold calling again, I plunge back into a mix of shame and lack of confidence.

I know I need confidence—not just to get things done, but also to actually win deals as customers can sense it. So I have another thought “this is urgent, I have to fix this now. If this isn’t fixed NOW, I will loose my job.”

I’m spinning, and my brain is offering the thought “Find a new job so you can just walk away from this mess you created.”