Losing Belief in Myself

I’ve been building my business for the past 8 month and am currently in LCS. I have 4 clients. Two are private yoga clients and 2 are coaching clients. I’d like to build my business by being fully-booked out. Fully booked for me would be 25 clients per week. I also would like to create a course once I have more 1:1 clients. I’m struggling at the moment and it feels like I’m drowning in indecision, and non-action. I’ve tried to do thought down loads and I believe I’m struggling with belief in myself that I can build the business of my dreams. Here’s my current model with a few of my T’s…I know only one at a time but I’m throwing them all in anyway.

C- Fully Booked Coaching Business at 25 clients
T- I don’t believe I can get that many clients, I’m not good enough, No one wants my offer to coach,
F- Discouraged
A- Sit around all day thinking about what to work on next and do nothing, get caught in indecision, get coaching on my models, joined 2k for 2k, doubt myself, don’t post, don’t do live, don’t share value, hold two consults and get caught up in my head when they say no
R- I don’t acquire any new clients, not building the business of my dreams

IM- Started with the R line…

F- Connected/In-flow/ in BELIEF
A- Make my decisions about my clients, make my business about my clients and not me, show up even when I’m afraid, have the courage to take risks in my business, make offers, tell everyone I’m a life coach, go live on social, create workshops for group coaching, offer free coaching, go live in FB group, stop giving in to my urges , stop buffering, notice my mind drama and not believe it, continue to get coaching, show-up, become a content producing machine.
R- Fully booked coaching practice of 25 clients by July 2020

I’m struggling with coming up with Ts that feel right in my body. That I truly can believe about myself and the work I want to do.

Please help! Thanks so much.