Losing students & taking it personally

My studio recently moved to a new location 6 miles away from where we were for 8 years. We have a few people who left because they just didn’t want to drive the extra 6 miles, but others are not returning for other reasons. One reason being that we don’t offer competition (that I am against for myriad reasons) and others because we had a staff member (with whom we parted ways) who wasn’t performing up to our standards. Then, there are families who just don’t come back and don’t care to give feedback as to why. It feels like I’m failing and they’re going to talk negatively about me & my business and we are going to drop in enrollment instead of grow and I’ll fail or never get my income increased to my goal level. Yes, I need a model on this and I am still new to working it. Can you help? Thank you again for your time 💙🙏🏼