Lost with making messaging more enticing.

After watching Brooke’s recent call about doubling your business and the advice she gave there I feel a bit confused now. I recently pivoted from biz coaching for coaches to a broader coaching approach. Previously my niche was clearly defined: I help new coaches make their first 5K month. Messaging was clear, the result was clear. I booked clients.

However I didn’t feel aligned with that messaging at all so I pivoted and focus more on mindset and confidence coaching for women.

I now I want to help future female leaders to be brave in their life and business so they can change the world.  I know this sounds too broad but that’s my mission. I want to empower women to become their own boss in business, life or career. This is not a tangible result though because I talk to women from different backgrounds. Some want to start or grow their own business and some want to become artists or get better jobs.  So that’s where I’m lost.

I’ve been marketing the angle of reaching their big goal but I know it’s still too broad but I also don’t just want to work with entrepreneurs and make it about money and business growth. I get really bored with that kind of marketing, I want to build a movement and a community where women who want to be game changers and leaders in the world have a space and community.

Any advice would be much appreciated.