Lots of thoughts surrounding work: need help managing all these thoughts.

Seeing that I don’t feel happy in my current job (I explored the reasons why), I decided that it is time for me to take the plunge on a business idea that I’ve had for a while which is to start an e-commerce business. I purchased a course that I started watching on how to do it. I’d like to see how the business does and if I can make it full time, however, in the meantime I’m getting impatient with my current job.

I have conflicting thoughts:
1. There is still so much I need to complete in my current role to show for in job interviews.
2. I have not gotten the results I wanted yet in my current role because until recently, I needed to help out with other departments.
3. If I can get these great results and do these great things in my current job, I will feel more confident knowing I can succeed in a new position.

On the flip:
1. I have been in my industry for a long time and when given the opportunity to do amazing work, I have.
2. While going into a new job scares me due to uncertainty, I have the tools to overcome anything.
3. I am smart and amazing and the right job with a great salary and everything else I desire is waiting for me … it’s just a matter of time.

I have thoughts about my e-commerce site not doing well because it’s a saturated market. On the flip:
1. Every business has competition and it’s my job to provide a unique experience to make it successful.
2. I am passionate about my business idea – doing something I’m passionate about feels so good and exciting.
3. I can see my business doing really well – it may not make millions but even if it earns me 100K a year, that will be enough money for me to be able to leave the job I have working for someone else.
4. I am a smart and creative marketer.
5. I can have the life of my dreams – I just need to stay focused and manage my mind.