Would love help with wording my solution

Hi Brooke,

My niche is…
Women with PCOS and Insulin Resistance with at least 50 pounds to lose, between the ages of 28-38.
The solution they are seeking is to finally lose weight, reduce symptoms, and feel great.

I know I shared about being nervous about helping these woman since I haven’t lose a significant amount of weight myself yet. I am in the process and I know that it just takes longer with insulin resistance- so I’ve lose 3 pounds in a month and a half (which is massive progress considering that I used to gain on diet/exercise plans). I also should mention that since I eat so healthy, my bloodwork no longer even reflects that I have PCOS, and I no longer have any of my old symptoms- no more acne, depression, mood swings, headaches, irregular periods, etc. The only thing I still have is the extra weight.

But I really feel like I understand PCOS and Insulin Resistance in a whole new way, taking all of my research from the past, I am a certified holistic health coach from IIN, and what REALLY helped was learning about fasting and fat adaption from you.

So my issue here is that I have created an entire program for my niche, am re-doing my website to reflect my new niche, and I have video’s that I want to make for them. It’s all about health- mental & physical

But I feel really weird sharing video’s about weight loss when I’m 199 pounds myself at this point. Maybe instead of marketing towards weight loss it should be more towards health? But is that too broad?

for example: Helping women with PCOS and Insulin Resistance to balance their bodies and become the healthiest versions of themselves yet.

I would love your thoughts. Thank you so much <3