Made a decision – and then nerves and doubt come up.

My husband and I just made the decision to hire our first ‘proper’ staff member in our business (we’ve been using a VA for a couple of years for more basic tasks).
We’ve talked about it a lot and the decision really came down to, for me, my reason for wanting to grow the business, is
a) to continue to improve our life financially, and…
b) that the alternative is staying the same, which feels boring 🙂

Growing it in a way that does not require more hustle from us, means taking on a more significant staff member. Although I’ve not really managed anyone before, I’ve done some work from the Entrepreneurial Management course and know that the ways it would required me to grow and evolve are ways that feel really good and positive to me – which was another ‘tick’ in the box to take this next step.

So, I like my reasons.

The interesting part is that as soon as we made the decision ‘let’s do it’ last night… this morning my brain is coming up with all the reasons NOT to do it and all the things that could go wrong.

Using the self-coaching tools, I can respond to this by telling myself this is totally normal, because this is us stepping outside the cave.
And I know that I need to now give equal air time to the ways it could be great, to match the unintentional thoughts of the ways it might not be.
I also need to remember that I have control over this. It’s not just a 50-50 chance of whether it all works out or not.
Also, that it’s totally okay to feel nervous and fearful. Process that emotion… and then do it anyway!
I realise that I’m writing this not so much as a question, but as a way to coach myself.
But I welcome any feedback. Thank you!