Mailing list question

I sent out emails (732 successful deliveries, 194 opens and 26 clicks) and the analytics show this one person in particular has opened my emails, clicked on my Acuity scheduler and freebie list. However, she has not reached out to me.

NOTE: I was certified in March and have 1 paying client so far and have just sent out 2 recent emails to all my contacts sharing that I am a life coach and introducing a book club I plan to host in January.

Q – Is it creepy to call her and say that I saw she was clicking but didn’t go further and ask if I can help OR should I let it go and see if she reaches out to me?

C – Eve opened and clicked on the links in my 2 emails yet did not schedule an appointment or reply to me
T – Maybe I need to reach out to her now or maybe it is too aggressive and will be a turn off
F – Uncertain
A – Ask a Coach the question of what to do, debate in my head if it is creepy to get a call saying I know that she opened and clicked, debate about sending a generic sounding email to just her that it’s okay to set up a shorter consult time to find out more about life coaching and the book club
R – I come from an uncertain energy

If I was a $100k coach, I would not be tracking her down BUT I am not a $100k coach right now so maybe I should track her down. Would definitely need to self coach myself with the email OR call to her and come from a place of certainty and service.

Thanks for your feedback on how to proceed!