Make more offers without being weird…?

I loved Brooke’s Double Your Business Workshop.

I am trying to learn how to make more offers and want to set a goal to make 10 a day. However, I don’t see 10 people in my niche a day, so it would have to be virtual. I thought maybe I could start sending direct messages to people in my niche that might be interested, but I know Stacey talks about not being creepy and DMing people…. And my husband said it seems desperate to reach out to people you don’t already know personally.

I don’t have money to spend on ads right now, but it sounds like that doesn’t count anyway unless views convert to a consultation and I can make a direct offer there. I am not worried about selling in a consultation or people saying no. I am fine with that. But I’m having a hard time getting consultations where I can make offers.

Am I missing something? How do offers fit into the funnel? Because she says have one simple offer, but we also have to have a free offer and sell people on that and then sell them on doing a consultation before I can make them a paid offer, right? I’ve only been sold on group coaching programs myself so I am having a hard time conceptualizing what an offer for 1:1 coaching even looks like. I’ve only done them with people I know who happen to be in my niche, but that pool will run out really quick and then I’m not sure what other options I have to offer directly without being creepy.