Make my process clearer

I have collected 3 “no’s”.

1/ Hello, I hesitate because I am not sure to get involved as much as the financial investment costs me. It is a real investment of time and money and for the moment I am not ready. But thanks for all the advice shared on this page. It’s a start that allows me not to lose my footing completely!

2/ Laziness
Not the budget
My husband’s opinion
I’m a bit of an ostrich and prefer not to be faced with problems
And well aware that things can be improved in my relationship, my role as a mother and my career, I could not identify any particular problem or axis that I would like to improve as a priority.
But above all, it is a lifeline for me. I’m not in an emergency and I don’t want to use it right away otherwise:
– this would mean that once used, everything must go perfectly and if this is not the case, it may be hopeless.
– I like it and reassure me to know that I have not exhausted all the available resources.

3/ Personally, I am not totally overwhelmed so I do not feel the need to participate in these sessions (and quite honestly I could hardly put so much money …). But I really appreciate your group because what I read there often gives me a lot of courage and strength to face everyday life, it really lifts my spirits. And we see that we are not alone in feeling what you are describing and that feels good. I wish you a lot of success!

My guess here is that they don’t have a problem they are willing and able to pay to solve.
They do have the problem I am offering to solve for BUT they don’t have the need, the emergency to solve for it.

My second guess is that I am not making my offer to the people who need it.
OR I am making the wrong offer to those people.

Those people are members of my FB group “When mom is ok, the family is ok”
I gathered 5k members in that group,3k are active members.
My guess it that my members have a need, a problem.
They don’t feel ok, and they want to feel ok for their family, otherwise they would not be a member of my FB group.
So they do have a problem.
My guess is that they want to solve it.
I am offering them a solution.
But my solution doesn’t seem to be in line with their problem.
They seem to see my offer as an emergency solution. That is not what they need because they don’t feel an urge to solve for it.
My guess is that when I made my offer I have been sending the message “this is an emergency solution.”
So my next step is to change the messaging/marketing of my offer.

In my offer I talk about the end result : “stop yelling at your kids”, “create a better relationship with your spouse”, ” getting everything done”.
Those are desirable results for my people.

BUT my messaging do not explain crystal clear the process they would go through, the experience that they will have, the content that they will learn.

The reason I don’t talk about it so much in my marketing is because my process is not crystal clear for myself either.
So I guess I have to put it down on paper “in coaching words” for myself first and then I have to go to work to make it in simple words for my people.
Then test it.

I realize I am not “asking” for coaching here. I am more using that space to reflect on my experience.
But since I’m here, do you think I missed something in my reflection here?
Thank you coach.