making a higher and lower offer, and doing the work around that

Hello, this is a follow up and answer to a previous topic (“Counting the no’s, and coming from different sources… and realizing I made two different offers”)

The pain point I’m offering to help them solve is to go from a completely cluttered mess of a sewing room that they can barely sew in. A mess that overwhelms them and they don’t know where to start… to having a sewing room that they can love sewing in again.

I’m starting to notice the same terminology / phrases that my ideal person is using “I don’t know where to start” and “I feel completely overwhelmed” are common.

I think I reduced the offer price for a couple of different reasons – 1. People can’t afford the higher price, and I need to discount it for people to buy it. And 2. I wanted to offer something special to the people who entered the facebook competition, so that I wasn’t just being salesy (you aren’t meant to sell in this particular group, so I wanted to be fair about it). 3. And the reason I think I need to work on the most is that “I need to have someone do it and get the results before I can believe in and promise the result myself”. Currently I haven’t had anyone go through this particular coaching program yet.

But, I also discounted the price and added a payment plan because I truly wanted to make it affordable for people that really needed it. (I’ve had one price objection because they recently lost their job and money is tight, and one person said money is tight because of the recent hurricane).

I suppose I could think: “there are plenty more people out there to offer to that have the money to pay for this service.”

But the best thing I can do is to get people into the program, so that I can run them through the coaching program and practice and get results and testimonials. And if I need to / or choose to offer the program at a reduced rate to do that, then that’s totally okay.

Here’s one model I did

C: 1 to 1 offer to Transform Your Sewing Room

T: People can’t afford the higher price

F: Dejected

A: tell myself I won’t sell any at the higher price, don’t offer at the higher price, offer at the lower price instead

R: I don’t give myself the opportunity to learn if people will buy at the higher price

And this one

C: 1 to 1 offer to Transform Your Sewing Room

T: I can’t ask the higher price until I have enough testimonials and participants to prove it’s effectiveness.

F: ?

A: 1. I don’t ask for the higher price. 2. I don’t sell at the lower price with confidence. 3. I struggle to share the value of the program even at the lower price.

R: ?

thanks for pointing me in the next best direction here… I’m still making offers, and am also looking at ways to find and warm up more of my audience so that I can make more offers to warm potential clients. thanks