Making a new offer

A little background for context:

I had a 3 day live event coming up in April ( in process of choosing a new date in Fall )
Had 21 people registered – during the live event would have made an offer to join my 6 month course
PLus at that time – open doors and launch my 6 month course to my list

( Still planning on launching 3rd week in April )

In the meantime – do to the current state of events I started last week doing a FB live every am – to provide value and support my audience during this time
I then offered a FREE 5 day training to help them take specific actions during this time – to strengthen their business foundations, pivot now and plant seeds for the future – I have a list of 820 ish – 125 people registered for the free 5 day training ( I have Been THRILLED with those outcomes and results )

My intention this week was to support through the high value trainings and then make a 5 week “bridge offer” to support my peeps for the next 5 weeks ( this is a new offer and i wouldn’t normally make an offer like this ( it will be 5 weeks of trainings with 5 group calls – ( 1 per week ) )

Now that im almost at the time to make the offer for this 5 week bridge program – I am frozen in fear and indecision and have done nothing to prepare the offer OR get a payment page up or anything

I’ve noticed this before – i give give give give – because i love to but i get stuck “asking” and then can at times feel resentful for people always getting my “free stuff” but not being willing to pay for the paid programs ( this is not 100% true as i did 86K last year but would like to triple that this year )

C offer a 5 week bridge offer to my list
T what if no one wants it?
T Not sure how to offer/position the $97 5 week training
F uncertain
F afraid
A get stuck / dont make the offer/ chicken out / or offer it 1/2 ass
R either dont make the offer / 1/2 ass it / make zero $

Not a very helpful model to move anyone along …

Could use support on getting unstuck