Making Money Now + When to offer 1-on-1 coaching vs. creating an online course?

I have been actively providing value and making offers for 2 years now as a Coach. 1 year ago I decided on a niche and started providing value via a weekly podcast, occasional email newsletter, and occasional instagram post. After deciding on a niche and starting my podcast in July 2019, I generated 6 consults, 3 clients, and $10k for the remainder of the year. Between September 2019-March 2020 I finally was making enough to be a full time coach ($3k/month).

My niche is in a specific job industry that had to close due to COVID in March. I stuck with it and kept believing that Coaching was the best thing and that there was no better time for them to create the life and career they dreamed of by leaving their jobs that were now closed. My results have proven otherwise though. I officially finished up with my last paying client in July and as of June 30th I have not had any paying clients. I went from having 1-2 consults a month to having only 2 since March 2020 (6 months now). I have stayed consistent in the value I have been providing thinking that everything would just balance out and I would start making enough money again to be able to cover all of my bills ($3K/month). But after watching Brooke Castillo’s “Double Your Business in 3 Months” webinar I realized I probably need to increase the amount of offers I’m making. Which led me to brainstorm ways to provide value, like hosting my own webinars, trainings, free group coaching for 30 days, free Facebook group, doing “lives” on my instagram page, etc..
After brainstorming all of my amazing ideas and realizing I have so much to offer in terms of trainings, I began to consider if I should create an online course to sell. I really have good ideas for course creation that I think would be a very enticing offer to my audience. I have been only focusing on filling up my 1-on-1 coaching before moving on to anything else, but now I’m considering getting creative in order to start generating some interest and income ASAP.
My only fear is that it wouldn’t be as easy to sell as I’m imaging it would be and then I’d have a whole new set of business problems to figure out.
It just seems that my current thoughts and actions aren’t producing the results I want, despite having spent so long building belief in myself, my offer, my clients, etc… I can’t really afford to keep waiting another 6 months for clients to come while continuing the same stuff right now that isn’t producing results because I will run out of my entire savings in 2+ months. I’ve been getting tons of coaching on believing it’s working, etc… So at this point I don’t feel that it’s coming from negative thoughts or emotion, but perhaps a blind spot in strategy that I’m unaware of (like only recently learning that if what I was doing was working then, I should have increased my offers).