Making Offers

I’m currently going through the double your business course. I have a decor business (online) and I have 90 products. When it comes to making offers, I may be a little narrow minded in my thinking. I’m struggling to see how I can make individual offers to people. How can I apply this in my industry? I have marketing techniques I set up and have a target audience. I post to social media platforms often. There’s mention that these don’t count as offers? I’m tracking my analytics for views versus purchases, abandon carts ect. However, after listening, my understanding is that I should make x amount of offers and get yes or no answers to evaluate my offer or my people.

I have considered integrating my decor business with home decorating as that is a huge passion of mine, but I’m cautious to integrate this before I have made the results I set out to achieve. If I did take this step, I know making individual offers is 100% needed and possible.

I guess the question is, how might I apply this in my online decor business?

Many thanks.