Making offers and getting chosen


I have been thinking about a kind of stigma around making offers. The line of business I am in has protocols that are slightly different from the rest of the world. As an artist, I’d like for a highly respected gallery to represent me and my work and do the job of selling my work for me (and in turn creating value). In this case, it is the gallery directors and other gatekeepers who make the selection about who they wish to represent and work with. They do not respect or respond to offers, and it is considered gauche to do so. They chose you, rather than you choosing them and making an offer.

So, the strategy as far as I can tell is to create massive value around me and my work (or better yet have someone else do it since that would be even more convincing) and try to get their attention to that value somehow, without making an offer, and wait. So this feels like I am waiting to be picked, and takes power away from myself. But, those are the rules in that universe, where you and your work don’t have value until someone else grants it.

I wonder if you have any insights into this kind of dynamic, please?