making offers/getting consults

I was feeling discouraged after putting in so much work on a FB ad campaign where I sent them to an opt-in to watch a Masterclass, then sign up for a consult.

The opt-ins were costing $4.35 to cold traffic. I got about 200 opt-ins which resulted in 13 consult sign-ups. Eight no-showed and the 5 resulted in no’s and were mostly very poorly qualified (no money, work at Walmart, just learning about coaching, not ready to try….).

I am willing to keep going and experience tons of no’s, based on idea that I may convert 1 out of 10. The problem is that each consult is costing $173, so 10 would cost $1730 and I’m selling a coaching package costing $1097. I just don’t know of other ways to find clients to make offers…