Making offers on social

Making offers on social media continues to be a challenge.
I can see that my brain continues to offer me more reasons why I should not be making offers each time I tackle one thought.

I made offers this month despite the intrusive thoughts. Felt uncomfortable and did it anyway.

However, I want my energy to be more certain when I am making offers. Right now it’s like I am in the energy of asking for permission.

C making offers on social
T People will smell out that I want to get more clients. People don’t take me seriously. People are talking about me. I hope I don’t confuse people with this video. People don’t want to be sold to if they didn’t ask for it first.
F overwhelmed
A self coach and then try to post from a place of certainty
R post in weird energy or don’t post at all

If I do an intentional model with Certainty on the F line, all the thoughts that I try on, I don’t nearly believe. I am reaching for a thought that I do believe or can almost believe.